Frequently Asked Questions - Interview

Immigrant Visa Interview - Medical Examination FAQs

1. Chest X-ray and blood tests are not usually required for children under the age of fifteen.

2. Applicants with mental retardation or learning disabilities must present a report of their condition and any special educational or supervision requirements.

Expedited Appointments for Applicants

According to the State Department they will typically grant expedited appointments to applicants who wish to go for funerals, family visits in medical emergencies, emergency medical treatment, the start of a school term, or important business travel. All requests are submitted through a form on the website. The center responds to all requests within 24 hours.

Applicant Accompanied by a Third Party for an Interview
Attorney-Consulate Interaction

The State Department says that an attorney should present a cover letter that summarizes the issue and a legal memo at the time of interview.

Interview Protocol

The State Department says that on the Immigrant Visa side, the petitioner may accompany the beneficiary if the petitioner is in the Consulate city at the time of the interview.  The interviewing officer will speak to the petitioner only if he/she determines it is