Frequently Asked Questions - Fraud/Misrepresentation

Not Worked for Green Card Sponsoring Company – – Fraud Implication for Naturalization/Citizenship
In Summary, * I worked for the same Company from 2004 to 2014 (2004 - 2011 in US on H1B, and 2011-2014 in India) * BUT, after Green card, I did not work for the Company in US. * I don't have even a single paycheck from US Company after receiving GC. * Since then, I have been working in a job with same job description that my GC was filed for. * All other history is clean. I have two US born children, Always paid taxes on time, no legal cases. I heard from reliable sources that under current circumstances, my case will be marked as fraud and there is a 99% chance that they will revoke my GC and deport me, as I didn't stay with the employer that sponsored my GC. Questions * Should I be really concerned? * What are my options? * I have the option of going back to the same employer now. Does that help? * If my wife applies for Naturalization instead of me, is that going to be any different?
J-2 Status
I am working in USA with the J1 visa as Postdoctoral Fellow. In April 2017 my girlfriend tried to come to USA and she was refused under the section 212a, because she told to the TSA agent that they did not have a serious relationship with anybody in USA, and they found out that she had sentimental links to me checking her phone, we were in bad moment in our relationship by that time. She has double nationality Venezuelan/Italian and she was trying to get in USA with the Italian ESTA. They removed her ESTA for ever and they told her that If she wan to enter in USA she is going to need a visa. Then I got married with her trying to get a J2 visa for her but the consulate denied twice her application under the article 214b, one in August ( after got married in Venezuela, and the other one now in December (on December we went together because I had to renew mine, but not success for her one).

Anyone who attempts to gain any immigration benefits, including visas, through perceived fraud or misrepresentation is permanently barred from entering the USA. In cases like this, you can try to revisit these findings with the consulate, but these are long, drawn out battles and difficult to win. Temporary visits may be possible with something called a 212 (d) (3) waiver.

Impact of a misdemeanor under Trump EO
I would like to know is there anything change in recent EO's that prevent one get Green Card or USC when a person issued a SuperSpeeder ticket. Is this considered a misdemeanor?
Fraud or misrepresentation findings in visa or petition, what should you do?
1. I am on H-1B visa valid till sep 2018 , I came to India in November 2016 and applied for stamping of my visa here in New Delhi consulate , they kept my passport and some documents and told me it's in admin processing and will contact the client, as I was not working for that client during that time so they have rejected my visa after 3 months in January 2017 , the section they given for rejection is 212 (a) (6)(c)(i) which prohibits the issuance of visa for for fraud or willfully misinterpretation of fact. I check My USCIS online status of my H-1B says that my visa has been sent to the department of state. Will I be ever able to enter the USA ? 2.How to remove this Fraud charges on me? 3. I have a B1-B2 for 10 years in the year 2011, but that passport got lost in the USA, I got new passport from Indian consulate there and then I was traveling in H1-B mostly, So never bothered to inform and re-stamp my b1b2 visa from the consulate in India. How can I get my duplicate B-1/B-2 re-issued
How to Enter The USA to Start A Business And Then Continue
I am planning to start an IT company in USA which is registered in India. Currently I am planning to travel on B1/B2 visa for my company set up. Can I transfer my visa status from B1/B2 to L1 if required within USA? What are the possible chances of success? Kindly you please suggest me the best way.

There are several issues that should be examined before you can make an informed decision.

1.  B visa or ESTA does not allow you to “work:”