Changing Status During a Pending Application - Authorized Period of Stay

Currently, I am On My H1B, filled H1 extension on time, before I -94 expiry, ( Perm, I-140 Approved ). When H1 extension pending in normal process can I apply for a change of status to F1 by using the H1 receipt number? While I am on F1 if my Priority date is current, can I Adjust my status / file (i-485) when I am on an F1 visa? Will it be an issue If I am F1 visa to Adjust my status if priority date is current?

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Changing status during a pending application - authorized period of stay

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There is an assumption if old status has expired and you have an application pending you are just in authorized period of state. And by the way, if you have an employment based green card going on and your dates become current you can file a I-485 that is if you are protected by section 245(k). 245(k) says we will forgive you being out of status or unofficially employed for up to 180 days if you are an employment based applicant or their derivative so if your old status expired, F-1 is pending, but the old status expired less than 180 days ago you can file I-485. FAQ in detail...


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