Loss of job/laid off during Covid/Coronavirus times

I lost job and my last date of employment with the employer is March 20, 2020. This employer sponsored H1B and also had ported GC AOS in 2018.: 1. After my last date of employment (March 20, 2020), how much time do I have to transfer H1B and I-487 to a new employer? 2. Will losing the job affect the EAD renewal in processing? 3. How would it affect I-487 application, which can become current any time soon?

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Loss of job/laid off during Covid/coronavirus times


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First of all you are in a good situation because if you have a I-485 pending then you can continue to stay even if you lose your H-1B or L-1 or any status because I-485 allows you to stay here. EAD that comes with I-485 allows you to work here and advance parole that comes with the I-485 allows you to travel. Keep in mind that all these are additional benefits to being able to stay.

1. You have 60 days or the time remaing in on I-94 whichever is sorted so in this case probably 60 days.

2. It will not.

3. By the time you are ready to deal with the I-485 you should get another employment or at least an employment offer. More...

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