Rajiv's News Clips - New H-1B rules: Tough going especially for IT Service companies; visa tenure reduced to one year, norms tightened - The Times of India

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Published by : The Times of India - Date: October 07, 2020  

Quotes and Excerpts from Rajiv on the article:

Rajiv S Khanna, managing attorney at Immigration.com told TOI, “The new rules propose to remove the words ‘normal’, ‘common’ or ‘usual’ requirement of a degree in a specific subject from its definition. Thus, it creates an almost impossible level of proof, where a specific degree will be invariably required. Sponsoring employers will also have to prove that the requirement of that degree is applicable to the entire occupation.”

“This definition of speciality occupation is particularly open to legal challenge in that the degree of proof required is far beyond the normal standard,” states Khanna. He is also of the view that the regulations make it more difficult for smaller or start-up businesses to prove their job positions meet the requirement of specialty occupation.


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